Ristorante Buon Gusto

About Ristorante Buon Gusto

The Founder, Vincenzo, was born and raised in Porto San Giorgio, in the Marche region of Italy. He grew up fishing alongside his father. He loves seafood, a fact clearly reflected in the Buon Gusto menus. Vincenzo’s motto is “Chi Mangia Bene, Vive Bene,” which means “He who eats well, lives well.”

In 1988, Vincenzo and his partner, Carmelo, opened Buon Gusto in its present location. The friendly South San Francisco Italian community assured them that there was more than enough room for a traditional Italian restaurant in their town. Right out of the starting gate, we achieved success – an accomplishment we continue to enjoy to this day.

Happily, many of the original Italian locals and their families are still regulars at Buon Gusto. They know authentic Italian cuisine and appreciate the level of consistency and authenticity maintained by our kitchen. Since the beginning of our company, our outstanding chef has been with us and has consistently cooked good food that people come to from miles to enjoy.
Julian later joined Vincenzo, and together, they have retained the restaurant’s quaint Italian charm. The majority of our vendors are local Italian merchants and companies, many of whom have provided us with fresh staples for years. Our employees with an average of 15 years of experience have been putting a smile on people’s faces. With the ongoing global pandemic, we have made a few cosmetic changes that our customer base appreciates.